What it can do for your business

Through one line of code- Ensighten enables marketers to deploy, validate and update disparate marketing technologies on your website while unifying data across brands, domains, mobile apps, and display advertising- all within a critical layer of security that ensures consumer data stays private and that tagging governance is enforced.

Reduce IT Dependence

Ensighten Manage gives marketers an intuitive UI for easily deploying and managing tags. This puts marketing, not IT, in the drivers seat and enablers marketers to respond to campaigns in real time.

Faster Page Load

Ensighten Manage's unique Hybrid-Tagging™ architecture does the heavy lifting in the cloud and minimizes data and tag code that gets pushed to the client, rapidly speeding up page load.

Manage Tags & Unify Data at Any Scale

Deploy and update marketing tags and data through one intuitive, point-and-click interface. Unify & standardize fragmented data sources across technologies to drive greater ROI from your tech stack.

Better Analytics

Ensighten controls when tags fire, under what conditions, and ensures all analytics data is accurately collected. Alerts can be set up to let the marketer know when a tag is not firing properly.

Essential information

  • Single Line of Code Deployment: All tag requirements handled through single line of code- this includes analytics, optimization & personalization technologies, in addition to any marketing tag.
  • Enterprise Workflow & Governance: Facilitates enterprise work flows with flexible user management permissions and controls
Manage is the leading enterprise tag management system, helping marketers optimize their martech stack to improve website engagement and conversion,while boosting value of existing investments

Company information

Ensighten Manage - Tag Management System

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Ensighten Manage - Tag Management System