What it can do for your business

Metail is an immersive ‘try it on’ online experience which enables consumers to create a bespoke 3D model of themselves and virtually try on fashion garments. After entering three simple measurements, consumers can generate a ‘MeModel’ which is their personalised body model.

The new way to shop on the go

Time poor shoppers can try on and buy your collections wherever they are, whenever they want on mobile, tablet and desktop

MeModel Body Avatar

The future of online fashion - available on mobile, desktop and tablet. Three simple measurements to build your trusted recommended MeModel and discover new fashion online

Trusted size recommendations

Shoppers receive personalised size advice and style recommendations. Shoppers trust us, and keep coming back.

Essential information

  • Retail of the future: Try on clothes and view in full 360° without leaving retailer page. Experiment with styles and try full outfits increasing dwell time on Retailer's site
  • New Datasets at scale: Help retailers understand which clothes and outfits are tried on the most. Integrated with IBM Universal Behaviour Exchange, retailers use these datasets to deliver highly personalised marketing
  • Efficient Datasets: Metail can be up and shooting in your studio within 24 hours. We customise our solution to limit any impact on your operations; then build and capture unique data sets from your online collection
  • Accurate size and style advice: Intelligent, machine learning, providing accurate, personalised size and style advice. Together we deliver the ultimate in body visualisation and size recommendation
Metail allows customers to try on clothes online in any combination. Add a few measurements to generate your MeModel, a 92-96% accurate visual of your figure.

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