What it can do for your business

Instart Logic's mobile app acceleration technology shows an average of 35% performance boost. Our solution is very easy to integrate through an SDK, and overcomes performance challenges like variable network bandwidth and packet loss on wireless networks. In addition, we have a whole range of mobile analytics that will give you deep insight into your audience behavior.
Instart Logic

Accelerate app performance

Ensure the effects of packet loss or unreliable network conditions do not affect end user experience.

Simple to deploy

No code changes. Bundle our SDK with your application and make a single API call to start the Mobile App Acceleration service when your app starts.

Make data driven decisions

The breadth of analytics we collect provides complete visibility into how your app is being used, better enabling you to grow and retain your user base.

Essential information

  • Last mile acceleration: Last mile acceleration for HTTP/HTTPS traffic between mobile app and cloud.
  • Application layer optimizations: Leverages our end-point aware application delivery platform. Transcoding of images with SmartVision technology. Image adaptation. Caching of API responses using our global network accelerator.
Allows mobile app developers to deliver performant apps. Combines application and network layer performance enhancements over the wireless last mile.

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Instart Logic

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