What it can do for your business

Innovid is the world's leading video marketing platform, empowering marketers to deliver, engage, optimize and measure the most innovative video experiences on any platform, and increase efficacy and ROI. Through our partnership with IBM, first and third-party data can be leveraged for personalized and interactive video advertising in meaningful and scalable ways — increasing relevancy, driving higher ROI, and delivering better business results.

Amplify the consumer journey

Breakthrough the silos of video and other marketing channels and gain new leads and more accurate visitor segmentation using video data -- creating a seamless consumer journey across all touch points

Increase engagement

Relevant personalized ads based on a user’s previous website history increases consumer engagement and brings them back to your site.

Drive Conversions

Relevant personalized videos based on consumer attributes increase conversion rates and help you to retain customers.

Essential information

  • Video Engagement Triggers: Innovid tracks user engagement within the videos, and pushes relevant events to IBM Marketing Cloud, which can be used in marketing campaigns to continue the experience with the visitor.
  • Website Re-targeting: Re-target your website visitors with personalized and interactive video ads that focus on their interests and website activity
  • CRM Re-targeting: Re-target known visitors and customers with relevant personalized videos
Innovid’s Video Marketing Platform enables marketers to integrate video into their customers’ journeys by leveraging data for personalized video advertising.

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Innovid Video Marketing Cloud

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Innovid Video Marketing Cloud