What it can do for your business

DataXu provides the most advanced, global cloud-based platform for digital media buying and analytics. The DataXu platform leverages algorithmic technology and sophisticated machine learning to find advertisers' current and prospective consumers and serve them advertisements in real time. The DataXu platform offers unparalleled inventory access and extensibility through open and private marketplace exchanges across display, mobile, video, and social channels.

Industry-Leading Analytics

DataXu is committed to achieving true media effectiveness through data science and offers the industry’s only ROI measurement methodology that works across every digital channel on a media plan.

Focus on Emerging Channels

Coupled with OneView Technology, DataXu provides deep insights into TV ad effectiveness through a post-campaign analysis on sales lift and other KPIs.

Cross-Device with OneView

OneView allows advertisers to link actions to media impressions across all digital channels & devices, providing one holistic view of the consumer.

Essential information

  • 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee: DataXu guarantees that 97% of customers’ investments will be spent on real people and real publishers.
  • Comprehensive Algorithm Marketplace: DataXu’s Algorithm Marketplace provides clients with flexibility in selecting an algorithm that has been designed to perform for any objective.
An independent data and analytics company that helps marketers leverage the power of programmatic to drive the most important marketing metric of all: increased sales revenue.

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