What it can do for your business

Magnetic is a technology company with a marketing platform for enterprises, brands and agencies. Our prospecting, remarketing andmerchandising solutions help marketers find, keep and bring back customers across channels and devices. These solutions are powered by our unique data including purchase intent and behavioral insights.


Appeal to people where they engage. Our products span a wide variety of media and marketing channels to reach individuals on the web, on your site, or in their inboxes.


Adapt to people’s lives across their screens. We understand how and when individuals use each of their various devices and we use device-matching to map them to their screens.

Relevant Alerts

Revamp your Email Shopper Alert sends with custom, dynamic audience segments and get relevant messages in front of the right people.


Fit right in with your customers. Native ads seamlessly integrate into site content. Our commercial intent and shopper profiles are used to makes native ads more relevant.


Harness your social reach across Facebook and Instagram and turn it into engagement. Combine Facebook data and Magnetic’s intent and shopping data to tap into unique formats and features.

Essential information

  • Media/ Display Ad Solutions: For those searching relevant keywords For those acting in Magnetic network For those who previously browsed pages on site For those who previously bought For email subscribers when they receive/open
  • Email Solutions: Timely, automated emails that react to shopper behavior on your site and urge them to take action Relevant items displayed in your emails based on products and pages viewed by the shopper on your site
  • Site Recommendation Solutions: Displays relevant items on the client's site based on pages viewed by the shopper during previous visits.
We gather data about what people are looking for, which lets us deliver relevant offers in real time—when they’re on the web, your site, in their inbox.

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