What it can do for your business

Loved by eCommerce, Digital, Marketing and Customer Service professionals around the globe, INSIDE has proven to increase website revenue, enhance customer engagement and reduce customer service costs.

Improve Website Revenue

Drive conversion and AOV with a personalised, engaging and relevant brand experience that connects with audiences quickly and efficiently.

Support Customer Engagement

Capitalise on the results of your marketing activities. Carry through personalised campaign messages to your targeted customers once they arrive on site.

Responsive Customer Service

A beautifully designed, user-friendly interface featuring rich data enables you to handle multiple conversations, with all the customer details you need.

People Powering Success

INSIDE's proprietary live console changes the way you think about your online customers, visitors are no longer numbers.

Essential information

  • Visual: INSIDE presents a LIVE view of your customer, placing your Agents in a virtual store. Maximising their experience to deliver performance never seen before.
  • Knowledge: INSIDE shows instantly basket content, purchase history, browsing history, location, previous chats, device, product in view and more. Reducing unnecessary customer service friction points.
  • Agnostic: INSIDE connects with your customers on any device and any channel  such as chat, email, text, messenger etc. Yes you can communicate over chat, email and text all in one thread!
A ground breaking, visual customer engagement platform that delivers real-time, measurable and truly personalized customer experiences through every channel

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INSIDE Customer Engagement Platform

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INSIDE Customer Engagement Platform