What it can do for your business

IQ Envoy is the cross channel marketing attribution management product that calculates the true quantitative impact that every channel and tactic has on your marketing performance. It takes all your paid, owned and earned marketing data and runs it through our TrueAttribution process every single day. The resulting cross channel insights enable you to readily identify opportunities for optimization — and avoid the costly mistakes that come from antiquated measurement techniques.

Cross Channel Measurement

Replace ineffective last-click and rules-based measurement with a science-based methodology.

True Performance Insights

Uncover the TRUE impact every channel and tactic has on your business goals.

Smarter, Faster Optimization

Improve marketing ROI by easily identifying opportunities for optimization at the most granular level.

Essential information

  • Most Accurate Attribution Model: Objective, algorithmic TrueAttribution process distributes credit for conversions and brand engagement activities.
  • Evaluate Performance With Ease: Your existing performances metric are transformed into TrueMetrics that reflect the influences between channels and tactics, so you know the true impact of each touchpoint on every one of your KPIs.
  • Powerful, User-Friendly Interface: Interactive interface reveals which channels and tactics drive brand engagement and conversions most successfully.
IQ Envoy is the cross channel marketing attribution product that calculates the quantitative impact of every channel & tactic on your marketing performance.

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IQ Envoy

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IQ Envoy