What it can do for your business

Organic search is one of the most valuable and lucrative tools for acquiring new customers. Organic search results are trusted; and if your content is done right, they can deliver more relevant content once clicked. While paid search is a must-have as an important marketing acquisition channel, it is just as important to invest in organic search.

Acquire more customers

Enhance discoverability of your site by improving your site structure

Enhance content

Surface your most relevant content to search engines at scale

Create new pages

Identify content gaps and curate new category pages without IT

Essential information

  • DATA: We crawl over 100M pages, more than 20% of all e-commerce conducted online. That’s over 150M consumer interactions per day!
  • ALGORITHMS: Our machine learning algorithms understand your products and their attributes and can match them with the many different ways consumers are searching for them online.
  • SCALE: Our technology helps you deepen the content on your product pages at scale, allowing you to capture long-tail demand.
BloomReach Commerce Organic Search improves your site structure and content richness to help you capture shoppers you would otherwise miss out on.

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