What it can do for your business

BloomReach Commerce Search makes every digital experience more relevant across devices by personalizing search, navigation and recommendations for each visitor. Commerce Search interprets each visitor's intent, matches it with your best content while empowering your experts with both tools and machine learning technology to automate traditionally manual activities.

Personalize search results

Prioritizes your search results based on an individual shopper’s search behavior, browsing patterns and personal affinities

Reveal the most relevant items

Use continuously learning technology that understands the way people search and helps surface what they are looking for

Easily adjust product rankings

Modify search results by boosting/burying products based on trends, predictions or upcoming promotions

Essential information

  • CROSS-DEVICE BEHAVIOR: Personalize using cross-device behavior and offline customer data, including in-store purchase history.
  • CONTINUOUSLY LEARNING: Machine learning algorithms listen for trends outside of your organization and continuously improves the search results.
  • PRODUCT LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING: Natural language processing capabilities help match products on your site to what consumers are searching for.
Optimize your site search returning the most relevant products and then ranking them by performance and a shopper’s personal behavior.

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BloomReach Commerce Search

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BloomReach Commerce Search