What it can do for your business

Think of Walkbase as a combination of Google Analytics, indoor positioning platform and marketing automation software for brick and mortar retail. Walkbase is an IoT platform connecting the disparate in-store solutions. With Walkbase, retailers can analyse the customer behaviour in real time and use the data to create rich marketing campaigns that can be measured. Walkbase enables true omni-channel journey by connecting the online and offline profiles of customers.

Rich Behavioral Analytics

Gain rich insights on your customers’ in-store behaviour patterns. Measure loyalty, paths, dwell times and much more using in-store Wi-Fi

Collect Opt-ins

Connect in-store behaviour to identity by collecting opt-in via mobile or in-store Wi-Fi login and get full measurability of marketing effect

Send Personalised Offers

Trigger personalised marketing messages (email, SMS) based on customer loyalty patterns and create automated marketing workflows that can be measured

Grow Customer Database

Link in-store behaviour to obtain missing customer information and create rich up-to-date customer database from your store visitors

Link Online & Offline

Connect the physical and virtual dots in order to build a complete customer journey

Security and privacy in the cloud

Essential information

  • Rich in-store analytics: Harness your in-store Wi-Fi and gain unprecedented insights from your customers’ in-store behaviour patterns. The analytics is available via easy to use online dashboard and automated custom reports.
  • Marketing automation for brick & mortar: Advanced rules engine to connect the CRM data, in-store behaviour and online behaviour to enable automated marketing flows and fully measurable marketing campaigns.
  • Admin & Security: Enterprise level admin tools offer full control over all your in-store infrastructure and delivers advanced monitoring and reporting services that are required for 100% service uptime.
  • Integrations: Walkbase has a wide range of integration points to key enterprise systems, POS, BI, CRM, existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, mobile apps etc., and together we can help you get the most out your solutions.
Walkbase provides an in-store analytics solution and marketing automation platform for brick and mortar retailers allowing online tools for offline retailers.

Company information

Walkbase IoT Platform For Retail

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Walkbase IoT Platform For Retail