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ClearStory Data speeds the cycle of accessing data from multiple disparate sources, intelligently and automatically blending them into holistic insights, and delivering interactive business insights. Every insight captures more data than traditional solutions for better business answers, while eliminating the traditional lengthy data prep and blending effort through ClearStory’s embedded data intelligence capabilities.

Fast Insights on Diverse Data

Easily connect to internal data repositories, big data platforms, or external data sources and combine these sources into holistic insights.

Rapid Diagnostic Analysis

Insights evolve as new data is discovered and automatically blended. They update as your data updates without needing human intervention or more data modeling cycles.

Business Consumable Insights

Business users view StoryBoards to spot insights as data updates, capture and maintain analytic context, and collaborate in real-time to speed consistent, data-driven decisions.

Essential information

  • Fast Data Profiling on Diverse Data: ClearStory automatically profiles the data, infers semantics in the data and speeds data preparation to make data readily available for analysis in interactive Data Stories.
  • Smart Data Blending & Harmonization: ClearStory's Intelligent Data Harmonization™ identifies data relationship across your disparate data sources to automate data blending and allow one-click data blending on-the-fly.
  • Interactive Data Stories: Data stories present fast interactive insights that can be explored by business users to reach new answers. They support a user’s natural problem-solving intuition to do away with pre-modeled reports.
  • Interactive, Collaborative StoryBoards™: Living, dynamically updating StoryBoards let key stakeholders see ‘what’s happening’ in the business and 'why', in-context with rich narratives to ensure consistent and timely data-driven decisions.
ClearStory Data speeds the cycle of accessing diverse data, combining and blending them into holistic insights, and delivering interactive business insights.

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