What it can do for your business

SoHalo's Loyalty and Engagement Marketing Platform makes it easy for marketers to drive valuable employee and customer experiences that motivate engagement, product education, and advocacy, resulting in increased revenue and retention and lower marketing costs.

Unique Identities

Turn siloed loyalty members and customers into unified customer advocates.

Drive New Traffic

Generate word of mouth with engaging offers.

Surprise & Delight

Deepen customer loyalty by rewarding micro-incentives.

Measure ROI

See the value generated by customer engagement.

Essential information

  • Connect: SoHalo Connect unlocks the identity gateway for deeper engagement with your company and brand. Unleash the power of social identities to build universal customer profiles of your target audiences.
  • SoHalo Offers: Compelling calls-to-action that drive engagement, education, and advocacy. Engage your employees and customers with SoHalo Offers published on fully responsive web landing pages.
  • SoHalo Rewards: The easiest way to reward employees and customers to motivate them to act. SoHalo Rewards provide you everything you need to spark engagement, education, and advocacy.
  • SoHalo Insights: Uncover rich demographic and behavioral data for employees and customers who connect with you. Monitor campaign performance with real-time analytics and ROI reporting.
SoHalo is a leading social loyalty and engagement marketing platform that empowers brands to drive up to 10X higher engagement, 2X more revenue per customer, and 8X ROI.

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