What it can do for your business

Audiense is an end to end platform that provides Listening and Audience Intelligence. Supported by a flexible and unique technology our customers action that intelligence through Direct, Influencer and Advertising campaigns within the platform. Our social data asset, built upon and amplified by additional enrichments, makes Audiense unique in how it transforms analytics into insights and insights into actions.

Uncover & Connect

Gain an unparalleled understanding of any audience. Segment, target and engage them in a personalized way to optimize cross-channel marketing strategies.

Connect Insight To Action

With dynamic audiences integrated into real-time custom workflows, Audiense allows you to understand and take action all while keeping your finger on the pulse of your audience.

Optimize Across Channels

Build a holistic view of your customer with over 150+ enrichments, from demographic, lifestyle, influence, other social profile links and more. For a persona that truly represents the audience.

Essential information

  • Audience Intelligence: Our Listening and Audience Intelligence allows you to uncover audience personalities, identify community crossovers and combine content with relationship analysis to drive your marketing strategy.
  • Campaign Management: Our comprehensive suite of tools for Social Marketers allows you to optimise engagement based on insight, target ultra segmented audiences, all while maintaining personalised communications.
  • Media Targeting & Optimisation: Build unique audiences and sync them with Twitter Ads at scale, track ROI for paid and earned media and view the campaign impact on any audience to drive your advertising strategy.
Audiense enables personalization at scale by connecting social intelligence with actions.

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