What it can do for your business

StudioEnterprise with Advanced CRM is the backbone of your ministry CRM needs and supports excellence in all areas of internal processing. Ministries are able to provide the highest level of customer service to donors and volunteers by getting to know them better, responding to them quicker, ministering more effectively, and communicating needs to them directly.

Advanced Contact Management

Tools to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with donors by tracking phone calls, emails, and appointments with donors.

Media management

Get the word out on time with a robust system for storing media contracts, tracking analytics and coordinating programming schedules.

Child sponsorship

Help your donors make a meaningful impact by facilitating child sponsorship programs, streamlining communication and offering direct access to important documentation

Inventory management

Keep track of product offerings, and gain full visibility into your organization’s needs.

Essential information

  • Advanced Search Segmentation: Functions allow individual staff members to search within the donor database as a whole- or just those donors in their case load.
  • Robust Workflows: Provides automated alerts based on any searchable criteria that can automatically perform various tasks, such as adding activities, sending emails, or flagging a new donor for review.
With access to a variety of features, your employees have more control over meeting goals and driving positive results.

Company information

StudioEnterprise with Advanced CRM

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StudioEnterprise with Advanced CRM