What it can do for your business

Mirakl helps retailers and brands drive growth without overhead. We provide the fastest way to expand you product assortment without inventory & fulfillment costs, which increases your brand footprint and better serves your customers need for more choices, better prices, and a great service. Mirakl helps companies build & launch their own marketplace to drive growth in the Amazon world.

Rapidly expand product variety

By launching your own marketplace, you'll quickly enable many third party vendors to sell on your website. This increases your product range without having to buy, store, and ship products.

Boost customer acquisition

Rapidly expanding products increases your brand footprint and ability to reach new customers. It also gives your existing customers more choice, price competitiveness, and great service.

Drive profitable growth

Mirakl’s marketplace platform enables companies to quickly onboard many sellers at scale. Marketplace sales are more profitable than traditional retail because there’s no increased overhead.

Essential information

  • Fast seller onboarding & catalog import: Recruit a large amount of sellers through lightweight onboarding processes. Mirakl Catalog Integrator© guides sellers’ through a very intuitive and time-saving process.
  • Effective monitoring & analytics tools: We make it easy for a small team of people to manage many sellers with our proactive monitoring & performance tools to easily spot opportunities and issues across sellers at scale.
  • Scalable & customizable platform: Mirakl manages platform availability and adapts automatically to any surges in traffic volume. Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a customizeable and compliant-rich solution.
  • Complete quality control: Through Mirakl Quality Control©, you can track 3rd party sellers’ performance and manage them to be sure that they comply with your quality of service standards.
Mirakl helps companies increase product selection without adding traditional overhead costs. A marketplace expands products, increases price competitiveness, and ensures superior delivery.

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Mirakl Marketplace Platform

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Mirakl Marketplace Platform