What it can do for your business

We empower marketing teams at 150+ top brands to provide highly personalized, scalable, omni-channel customer experiences. AgilOne leverages the latest big data technologies to make it even easier for marketers to utilize any scale or shape of data and build experiences at the speed and detail business demands.

Know your customers.

AgilOne customer cloud fuses multiple types of customer data from siloed sources. With this true single view of the customer, retailers can best understand how customers are engaging with them.

Build lifelong relationships.

AgilOne's predictive analytics and clustering allows marketers to easily execute targeted campaigns across channels like store, direct-mail, email, call-center, social, etc.

Maximize revenue.

Moving from "batch & blast" or blanket discounts to targeted, personalized, marketing promotions or experiences transforms your business.

Essential information

  • 360 Degree Customer Profile: After connecting your omni-channel customer data sources, AgilOne de-duplicates, cleans, and analyzes your database nightly for the most accurate view of your customer engagement and behavior.
  • AgilOne Actions: With AgilOne actions, you can automate personalized, targeted, life-cycle marketing campaigns. Our out-of-the-box connectors make it easy to send via your existing tools.
AgilOne is the industry’s first comprehensive, cloud-based, customer data platform that helps companies truly understand their customers and increase profitability.

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AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub

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AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub