Decision Author for Node-RED

Node-RED projects often require a level of automated decision logic. Building decision logic in Node-RED alone can be complicated especially when the logic is complex and scales to multiple scenarios e.g. multiple sensor data, multiple calculations, multiple outcomes. Decision Author for Node-RED enables complex decision logic to be developed, tested and maintained externally to Node-RED without any reliance on IT skills. This is the tool of choice for industry experts looking for greater governance of the decision logic being used in their Node-RED projects.
Decision Author for Node-RED

Save Time

Automate decision logic in a quick and consistent way, represent expert human knowledge in a readily maintainable form

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs with no reliance on expensive IT skills. Externally build, test and maintain decision logic outside of Node-RED

Be more Efficient

Develop and test in one environment. Deploy complex logic to Node-Red in seconds

Retain 'Know How'

Capture and automate industry 'know how'. Transform complex knowledge, held by individual experts into a tangible corporate asset

Available on IBM Bluemix cloud platform

This product is available on IBM Bluemix, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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Decision Author for Node-RED

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Decision Author for Node-RED