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IoT applications often require a level of automated decision making – to make sense of the data being monitored, to detect anomalies, make calculations and to decide on the most appropriate next action. To achieve this in node-RED alone is not always feasible, especially when the decision logic is complex and scales to multiple scenarios. Our tool enables complex decision logic to be maintained externally to node-RED, enabling more effective governance and configuration of the overall solution

Rapid Development

The graphical programming UI and intuitive Decision Authoring are up to 30x faster than standard scripting / development.

Accessible to non-coders

Domain Experts, Business Analysts, Process Owners with no coding experience can build and maintain complex decision logic.

Rich Representation

Decision Flows, Decision Trees, Decision Tables, Tree Induction, Formula Editor and Scripting.

Speed of Deployment

Simply copy and paste your knowledge applications into a node-Red node

Essential information

  • Decision induction: The capability to induce decision trees from decision examples supplied by subject matter experts
  • Procedural scripts: Calculations and text processing can be embedded as blocks in the decision flows. Developers can write Scripts in JavaScript and non-developers can use an easy to use expression / formula builder
  • Decision Analytics: We support the development of decision analytics tasks from data for predictive, prescriptive and anomaly detection tasks.
A tool for Developers, Domain Experts, Business Analysts and Process Owners to rapidly build, test, maintain and deploy complex decision logic into node-RED

Available on IBM Bluemix cloud platform

This product is available on IBM Bluemix, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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XpertRule Decision Automation for node-RED

Provided by XpertRule Software Ltd

XpertRule Decision Automation for node-RED