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Hiptest is a realtime test management platform that supports behaviour driven development and seamlessly blends in continuous delivery processes. Gain real time visibility on your tests and the quality of your pipeline.

Start testing in seconds

Hiptest is simple and doesn't require any learning curve. Create a project and get your first tests in seconds.

Accelerate testing cycles

With Hiptest unique refactoring capabilities, modify hundreds of tests in a flash and optimize your test maintenance.

Strengthen team collaboration

Tell a story with your tests and create a shared understanding among the team.

Gain real time insight

With Hiptest real time reporting and integration with tools like Jira, you know what's the coverage of your tests at any time.

Essential information

  • Behavior Driven Development: Hiptest allows you to create executable specifications with the Given/When/Then syntax used by thousands of companies. Generate you feature files and execute tests with your favorite framework.
  • Create, execute and track your tests: Create, execute and track your tests in real time with a platform designed for developers, testers, product owners and business analysts.
  • Test automation with Hiptest publisher: With the Open Source Hiptest publisher, generate scripts for your favorite test execution frameworks and get the results back into Hiptest: RSpec, JUnit, Cucumber, Qunit, Jasmine and many more.
  • Refactor your tests: The test refactoring is a process to improve your tests: you can make your tests more readable and design more flexible. Modify hundreds of tests in seconds and keep pace with continuous delivery.
Hiptest is a real time test management platform that supports behavior driven development and seamlessly blends in continuous delivery processes.

Available on IBM Cloud

This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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