Real Time, Best In Class Business and Consumer Data

Infogroup’s Infoconnect API is an extremely powerful way for you to tap into our industry-leading data on 270,000,000 consumers and 25,000,000 businesses. By integrating our data with your CRM or other business solutions, we can help you bridge that gap so many companies have; incomplete or inaccurate customer data. Whether you need a POS solution to complete and verify customer records, or a call-center application that provides a more streamlined customer experience, our API gives you the information necessary to help you improve customer experience and improve revenue. With our API and your development team, the options are limitless.

Accurate data

Using accurate data ensures that you aren't wasting spend on undeliverables or unlikely purchasers.


Our easy-to-use, integrated service helps streamline customer verification.

Ensures Quality

Ensures Quality so your business can grow unhindered by unnecessary bottlenecks along the way.

Real Time, Best In Class Business and Consumer Data

  • Real-time Data Service
  • Actionable Insight
  • Customer Database Hosting
  • Real-Time Data Correction

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Infoconnect Consumer Data by Infogroup

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Infoconnect Consumer Data by Infogroup