What it can do for your business

IPBRICK.CAFE will improve communications in your organization. Fully integrated with IPBRICK Unified Communications - Voice, Video, Email and Chat - it's a private and secure space of business communications that unifies and streamlines access to all information, enhancing the exchange of knowledge, documents, tasks and contacts between employees. Simple to use, effective on the reduction of Intranet traffic, it's the best way to improve the collaborators involvement within the company's spirit.

Corporate culture

Developing a more cohesive corporate culture, and facilitating employee recognition by publicly acknowledging people’s contributions.

Promotes team spirit

Increasing employees motivation, since messages from internal leaders and co-workers can be read and heard in real-time.

Communication costs reduction

Reducing communication costs, namely international calls, SMS and others, since much of the information is shared through the ESN and also because employees are linked worldwide.

Innovation rate acceleration

Innovation rate acceleration, through crowd-sourcing. Problem solving becomes faster since employees contribute with ideas and solutions. Besides, the best ideas come from spontaneous conversations.

Customer feedback

Feedback from customers is heard by all company employees; commercial and support departments are the ones that spread this feedback. Experts contribute to the problem solving process.

Essential information

  • Social Area: IPBRICK.CAFE social area allows us to make posts and share them with all users or just a group, to create news, polls and photo albums as well as to determine a bookmarks area.
  • UCoIP Bar: Provides Unified Communications, to internal and external users, which contain multi-channel management and allow to check users availability across various services: Voice, Video, Email and Chat.
  • Access and Share of Documents: Thanks to IPBRICK.CAFE we can access to our applications through single sign-on and even share documents from iPortalDoc to IPBRICK.CAFE.
  • Profile Management: IPBrick.CAFE allows you to edit your personal information (eg.: username, password), VoIP settings (eg.: call redirecting) and email settings (eg.: auto-reply message).
IPBRICK.CAFE is a private and secure Enterprise Social Network fully integrated with IPBRICK Unified Communications: Voice, Video, Email and Chat

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