What it can do for your business

Reappt helps you develop reactive applications faster with lower costs and reduced risks. It provides a complete set of tools, including APIs and client libraries, designed for a broad set of Internet, mobile and IoT developers. By overcoming the unpredictable nature of the Internet, Reappt allows you to stream data at extreme scale and speed, to and from millions of concurrent connections in milliseconds.

Reappt from Push Technology

Enterprise Performance

Reappt offers enterprise grade app performance and features via the convenience of the cloud.

Simple API

Rapidly develop engaging apps without needing to navigate unnecessary complexity.

Deliver Responsive Apps

We’re not talking about responsive design, we are talking about delivering apps that provide a rapid and consistent quality of service to build end user confidence and app adoption.

Enterprise App Functionality

Reappt allows you to cope with rapidly changing data, at scale, offers data efficiency and the ability to support multiple platforms and devices.

Data Efficient

Data costs. With Reappt, you can build apps that are data efficient. Not only will you save money, Reappt’s data efficient approach helps to further improve app performance.

Essential information

  • Intelligent data streaming service: The vital ingredient in your data distribution solution. Built on proven Diffusion™ technology, Reappt efficiently distributes fast-changing data to your users.
  • Publish-subscribe: Organize data into topics that client applications can subscribe to. When you publish data to that topic, Reappt pushes the data out to only those clients interested in that particular topic.
  • Data caching: Reappt caches the most recent updates to a topic as the topic state. Clients that subscribe to topics don't have to wait for the next published updated before receiving data from a topic.
  • Efficient, real-time messaging: Reappt is optimized to stream a high rate of messages to many connected clients.
  • Optimized data distribution: Reappt understands your data and can automatically remove out-of-date or redundant data.
  • Optimized performance: Reappt understands how clients and connections are performing and can gracefully manage clients that need to resume sessions after a loss of connectivity.
Reappt from Push Technology provides efficient realtime messaging, optimized for streaming data over the internet.

Company information

Reappt from Push Technology

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Reappt from Push Technology