What it can do for your business

IPBRICK.UCoIP is a product for Unified Communications over IP, that provides IP PBX, Video Conference, Instant Messaging and Enterprise Social Network. With IPBRICK your company can easily set up voice - using IP Phones and mobile devices - video-conference, and instant messaging , simplifying the communication with users, both internally and externally. There’s no need to buy any type of device, or to install any type of softwa, just use a web browser.

Private Cloud UC

Unified Communications cloud solution, operated in single-tenant and guarantying the desired level of privacy, ownership and security for all enterprise communications.

Cost per server

All IPBrick solutions have a cost per server; therefore there is no limit for the number of resources used or configured (i.e. no limit of phones, configured SIP trunks, video conferences, etc).

Reduce your business costs

Costs reduction with physical equipment acquisition.

Essential information

  • IP PBX: IPBRICK.UCoIP includes a IP PBX with a full range of services, including IVR, Call Groups, Call Queues, Scheduling, Call Parking and Call Transfer, as well as music on-hold and Call Conference. It also enables an easy configuration for access classes. It is simple to create SIP Trunks to any TISP like Twilio, for example.
  • Enterprise Social Network: Enterprise Social Network integrates Unified Communications: Voice, Video, Email and Chat. Presenting them in a simplified way, IPBRICK.CAFE is a private area and a secure business communication that unifies and streamlines access to all the information of your company, enhancing the exchange of knowledge, documents and contacts between employees. The Portal is divided into different areas, such as communications and applications, which allow users to access a range of information and resources that are now spread over several subsystems; this ensures fluidity and unified communications.
  • Video Conference: Video Conference Server is based in WebRTC and it's used for video calls and video conferences, performed internally through the CAFE and externally using the PuP.
  • Instant Messaging: IPBRICK.UCoIP integrates a Professional Instant Messaging Server, based on XMPP, convenient to privately exchange instant messages about any enterprise subject.
Unified Communications over IP solution that provides IP PBX, Video Conference, Instant Messaging and Enterprise Social Network.

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