What it can do for your business

Supporting SoftLayer, BlueBox Cloud (OpenStack), Bare-metal-as-a-service, all major hypervisors and cloud providers, CloudController delivers cloud administrators and IT Users, a true “Single-Pane-of-Glass” to Manage Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Automate your Cloud Business Processes.

Build your Hybrid Cloud

Build a unified cloud infrastructure combining all leading hypervisors and cloud providers, and manage, monitor and control services on them from a ‘true Single-Pane-of-Glass’ dashboard.

Reduces IT operations costs

Gain flexibility in which hypervisors and public clouds to use and achieve better utilization of IT infrastructure.

True Agnosticism

Supports SoftLayer, BlueBox Cloud (OpenStack) and Bare-metal-as-a-service and is completely agnostic of server hypervisor or cloud platform for IaaS and PaaS.

Bring VM sprawl under control

Allow administrators and service users to manage all resources and services in their cloud environment while controlling resources and costs.

Unlimited Supply Chain Model

Set-up Unlimited Supply Chains within CloudController’s multi-tenancy multi-layer user account hierarchy.

Essential information

  • Set up unlimited Supply Chains: Set up unlimited Supply Chains within CloudController’s 6-tier multi-tenancy multi-layer user account hierarchy. Each account level has defined security, role and operations control access (RBAC).
  • Secure: CloudController has embedded encryption and obfuscation technology that acts on many levels to ensure security.
  • Perform Hybrid Cloud Brokerage: CloudController offers the ability to perform cloud resource brokerage across private and public cloud resources.
  • External/Internal Enterprise Management API’s: CloudController is a self-contained ‘Cloud Automation Engine’ (CAE) and has its own REST-based web services API.
CloudController supports all major hypervisors and Cloud Providers to configure and manage Cloud Infrastructure and services. Freemium Edition: up to 10 VMs.

Company information

CloudController® Freemium Edition

Provided by InContinuum

CloudController® Freemium Edition