What it can do for your business

Alliance WebPOS is a web-based point of sales system (POS) using Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture to provide centralized hosting allowing you fast and easy access anytime, anywhere. It runs natively giving you nice and user friendly experience like other installed application.

It works On-line and Off-line.

It efficiently processes customer purchases offline so you can still work even without internet connection.

Yes, we’re on mobile.

Alliance WEBPOS runs on mobile platforms so you can take advantage of new mobile devices.

Quick. And friendly.

Quick and easy installation and configuration with auto-remote POS module updates.

Up-to-date, date by date.

Benefit from our quarterly updates. We release bug fixes and upgrades regularly.

Essential information

  • “It works ON the cloud and OFF the cloud”: Alliance WebPOS is designed to work on the cloud giving you safe and secure access to information just when you need it.
  • “Faster service time thru the use of fully automated and user-friendly Front-End Application”: Single-screen sales transaction from start to finish, for quick sales entry
  • “Real-Time Reports”: Real-time and fully automated sales and inventory reports and are accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Yes, we’re on mobile.: Alliance WebPOS runs on mobile platforms so you can take advantage of new mobile devices in the market.
Anywhere and anytime, it's real-time. Alliance WebPOS is a web-based point-of-sale (POS) system that allows access on demand.

Company information

Alliance WebPOS

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Alliance WebPOS