What is New Collar

IBM’s New Collar initiative focuses on improving access to opportunities for people, addressing the industry skills gap in a fast-paced technology world. IBM understands that hiring good talent does not just mean hiring someone with a diploma. It is about having the right skills, practical experience, and the determination to succeed.

We must take big and bold steps to expand access to digital skills and employment opportunities so that more people can take advantage of the digital economy regardless of their background.

Arvind Krishna

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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New Collar
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Apprenticeship is an experiential “earn while you learn” program that blends on-the-job learning with hands on training to build foundational skills needed for a specific occupation. In apprenticeships, we hire for aptitude and train for skills.

Tech Re-Entry

Tech Re-Entry is a full-time, paid returnship program for technical professionals who took a break from the workforce for one or more years and are looking to restart their careers.

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P-TECH is an educational reform initiative created by IBM to prepare young people with the academic, technical, and professional skills for 21st Century jobs and ongoing education.

Neurodiversity at IBM

ND@IBM is a global program that includes neurodivergent-friendly hiring, development opportunities, and neurodiversity training for all employees.

Real people,
real stories

Real people, real stories


Are you serious? This was my first thought when someone suggested that I change from serving coffee to developing code.


Software Engineer, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software


As my girls entered 2nd grade and got more independent, I began longing for work again. I found a job post for the Tech Re-Entry program, which said, “candidates must have a break of a minimum of 2 years.” It seemed to be describing me!


Software Engineer


P-TECH allowed me to understand what drives me and showed me I can achieve whatever I want when I’m dedicated to the end goal.


Data Analyst, Project Management
and RPA Specialist


I have autism, and despite this condition, I’m still able to contribute to my team’s day-to-day work and help clients achieve great possibilities.


GCAT Developer, IBM Cloud

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