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No Degree? No Problem! This New Collar program is designed to create new career pathways for candidates without an advanced degree.

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Apprenticeships at IBM are all about picking up new skills – and lots of them. The IBM Apprenticeship program gives an opportunity for candidates without advanced degrees to build new technical skills while getting paid.

When you join IBM as an apprentice it is not just about training and qualifications. We have your long-term professional career in mind. We'll help you grow through an intensive work-based development program, with comprehensive learning, focused hands-on training, and mentorship. It's the kind of experience you simply couldn’t get anywhere else.

What Makes a Successful Apprentice

At IBM, we are looking for apprentices that have a passion for technology, an appetite for learning, and the determination to succeed. The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate skills in the following areas:



Client Focus

Creative Problem Solving



Taking Ownership

The Apprenticeship Experience

Apprentices are exposed to an environment where they can learn new skills, apply these to real-life projects, and get real-time feedback.

Collaborate with peers across many business units and geographies

Work with your managers and mentors to progress through your personal skills roadmap

Learn and demonstrate new knowledge and competencies through hands-on application with your project teams

Complete milestones along the way while earning digital credentials to validate your skills

Participate in on-going training and development focused on your professional and technical skills

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Apprenticeship Week

We believe that companies bringing advanced technologies to market have a responsibility to prepare students and workers for the way those technologies will shape jobs and the nature of our work. Innovation should unlock opportunities to make our workforce more inclusive, not less.

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