Apprenticeships at IBM are all about picking up new skills – and lots of them. When you join IBM as an apprentice it is not just about training and qualifications. We have your long-term professional career in mind.

We'll help you grow through an intensive work-based development program, with comprehensive learning, focused hands-on training, and mentorship. It's the kind of experience you simply couldn’t get anywhere else.

Software Engineer Apprentice

I love that the environment is ALL about growth and innovation. Whether you’ve been here 22 years or 22 weeks, everyone is encouraged to continue to learn and innovate.

What does the experience look like?

As an apprentice, you'll join with other apprentices in a local cohort, while having the opportunity to collaborate amongst your peers across many business units and geographies. During your first few weeks, you will learn about IBM and the skills you'll be attaining throughout your apprenticeship. Then, you'll work with your managers and mentors to progress through your personal skills roadmap, learning and demonstrating new knowledge and competencies through hands-on application with your project teams. You'll complete milestones along the way, earning digital credentials to validate your skills, and will come back together with other apprentices to participate in on-going training and development focused on your professional and technical skills. Best of all, you are a contributing member of your team, putting forward ideas, taking on responsibilities and making choices about how you get the job done just like any other IBMer. And, yes, we pay you too!

What sort of apprentices are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who has an appetite for learning, passion for technology and determination to succeed! Energy, creativity and passion are really important to us. We also work in teams all the time, so you need to be someone who’ll thrive in that kind of environment – a great communicator and someone with the ability to lead others.

There are other characteristics we look for, too. We call them competencies - think about whether, and how, you can demonstrate them during our application process. Some of the competencies we look for are Adaptability, Communication, Client Focus, Creative Problem Solving, Drive, Teamwork, Passion for IBM and Taking Ownership.

Rick Bowers
Vice President,
Cloud Technical Support

The New Collar program has been extremely successful with our organization. The candidates brought a whole new perspective and positive energy to the team. They quickly built their skills, experience and integrated directly into the team. While looking forward to the next group of candidates, I think we've uncovered a great new pipeline of technical skills.


Software Engineer Apprentice

I’ve enjoyed my training experience. I have a fantastic mentor who is quick to guide me when I feel stuck. I’m given the tools and resources, but I have to take initiative with people and create my own roadmap, which has been invaluable in strengthening my leadership skills.


Software Engineer Apprentice

I am treated as a team member. I've had my fair share of work, a chance to contribute ideas, have my own responsibility, together with the learning opportunity. This is huge for me.


Talent Acquisition Apprentice

I have loved learning about how diverse and inclusive IBM is; they really recognize the unique skills an individual may have and can bring to the company.

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