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With Provider Directory, you can find out whether your primary care doctors, dentists, specialists, hospitals and pharmacies participate in IBM's health plans. You can use Provider Directory to locate providers that participate in the following:

  • The IBM PPO (preferred provider organization)
  • IBM PPO Plus
  • IBM High-Deductible PPO with Health Savings Account
  • IBM Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
  • IBM Managed Pharmacy Program
  • Most HMOs
  • IBM Dental Plus
  • IBM Dental Basic

In general, the medical and dental plans available to active IBM employees are based on the state you live in. However, there are limitations within each state based on your zip code. Find out which plans are available to you (XLS, 44KB).

Note: A small number of participants who live outside network coverage areas are eligible for out-of-area options administered by United HealthCare. If this applies to you, it will be listed as a medical plan option when you enroll.