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Smart loves problems

Smart loves problems

Recalls often mean that good food goes to waste. But there’s a better way.

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Tailored Fit Pricing

Elevated retail experiences – on demand

For many major fashion retailers, the holidays mean new inventory, clearance sales, high shopper engagement – and potentially volatile IT expenses. To ensure consistent customer experiences, Dillard’s sought out pricing agility by adopting the new Tailored Fit Pricing model for its IBM Z environment, enabling it to flex tech resources while keeping costs predictable.

As a result, refreshing inventory (while offering discounts) no longer means buying technology service in hourly blocks. Choosing the right IT model makes shopping – and selling – a smoother experience. “We don’t have to worry about predicting demand any more … we can pay only for what we use,” says Dillard's Director of Infrastructure, Terry Glover.

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