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A health first for first responders

Wildfires create masses of toxic smoke. Now an AI device can warn firefighters when they’ve had too much.

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P-TECH ‘new collar’ education

P-TECH ‘new collar’ education

A public-private approach to preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow

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Case study: Newlight Technologies Image

Case study: Newlight Technologies

Greenhouse gas: scourge or salvation?

“Greenhouse gas — carbon in the air and water — is the backbone of life, what trees and coral use to grow.” With that radical thought, Mark Herrema co-founded Newlight Technologies. The goal: turn methane from landfills, mines and farms into AirCarbon, a biodegradable product that can replace plastics, fibers and more.

Newlight uses IBM Blockchain on a secure, scalable LinuxONE server to trace every step of the journey from gas to AirCarbon pellet. Manufacturers and consumers can get an indelible record of capture, conversion and carbon impact, and possibly rethink their view of greenhouse gas from problem to resource.

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