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IBM Power Systems
Academic Initiative (PSAI)

 Educating the next Power generation

Learn how schools are benefiting from PSAI

If you would like to learn more about IBM's Power System Academic Initiative, which provides colleges with course materials and access to IBM systems and software at no charge, or you are interested in having your school profiled, please contact Janet Caruccio.

Reedley IT students successful in job search with help from IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative

Today, we often hear how graduates face difficult challenges while trying to find employment. At Reedley College, however, more than half of the IT students who complete the Information Technology Certification program find jobs.

David Atencio, Information Systems Instructor, Reedley College IT Department, California, cites the benefits of IBM's Power Systems Academic Initiative (PSAI) — specifically the courseware, Power Systems Academic Cloud and Power Systems Job Board — as key elements of their program's success.

"My students love the course offering and are able to exercise their skill in the local community using the AS/400 platform," said Atencio. "We provide a wide swath of education through the IT support program, and by exposing our students to these market-ready skills, we are finding they are experiencing success in their job search." In many cases, students are offered jobs prior to graduation. "It happens all the time," shares Atencio. "It's not uncommon for my students to participate in an internship program, and then take a job, while continuing their education."

The IT Support Program can be completed in an 18-week session. Students are required to build their own computers, install and learn several operating systems, subject their machines to rigorous non-destructive testing, and troubleshoot.

"Later in the course," Atencio adds, "students must learn how to network their machines to various types of networking topologies, and learn the most popular operating systems, including IBM's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER, which we have found is the operating systems of choice for many enterprises."

Atencio had an opportunity to catch up with some of his students who remarked on how their experiences with the IBM PSAI resources have helped them succeed outside of the classroom:

"My experience with the UNIX remote servers gave me a deeper understanding of hybrid systems, which has helped me with our school network." – J. Ruiz

"It was a good thing that we had use of the IBM servers, because it was the same system they wanted me to work on in my new job." – A. Vang

"Having access to the IBM servers helped me understand the UNIX operating system, which has helped me in my job." – F. Barela

"My experience with the UNIX machines, helped me understand the needs of my IBM clients, and has made troubleshooting easier." – J. Weems

"The IBM servers helped me understand UNIX and has opened many doors for me." – D. Herdwel