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IBM Power Systems
Academic Initiative (PSAI)

 Educating the next Power generation

Students from POWERUp

This year at COMMON's spring meeting, POWERUp18 in San Antonio, Texas, the COMMON Education Foundation was able to offer local IT college students education focused on their individual learning objectives. Traditionally, the Foundation has funded student-based programs for COMMON's Fall Conference, but this year to add more to their existing initiatives, they provided 12 IT students a one-day conference prior to the beginning of the POWERUp18. Held on Saturday, May 19th, students that attended received two ½ day workshops; one on Python and one on Javascript and jQuery. Both workshops featured lecture-style delivery as well as hands-on components for students to test out the information they were learning. During the course of the day, students were provided lunch as well as an introduction to the COMMON Education Foundation and COMMON as well as the benefits to being a part of both. At the conclusion of the afternoon workshop, students were given the opportunity to take the COMMON Business Computing Associate Certification exam at no cost to them.

The students response to the one-day conference was overwhelmingly positive with all of the students saying they'd like more of the same. New initiatives like these are just one of the many ways the Foundation is working towards engaging and educating a new generation of talent. In addition to the Saturday student conference, the Foundation also worked with COMMON to record a track of sessions at POWERUp18 to add to their content library. Those videos will be available in the next several weeks. If you'd like more information on the COMMON Education Foundation and its multiple initiatives, please visit