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IBM Power Systems
Academic Initiative (PSAI)

 Educating the next Power generation

PSAI New Downloadables Now Available!


SUSE Linux Enterprise (3125): This course is designed to practice the skills associated with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Administration and prepare you to take the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12 (SUSE CLA 12) certification test. Learn more.

SUSE Openstack Cloud (3126): This course provides an introduction to working with and administration of SUSE Openstack Cloud. Learn more.

  SUSE Enterprise Storage (3127): This course provides an overview of SUSE Enterprise Storage, it's primary functions and administration. Learn more.


IBM PowerAI Enterprise 1.1.0 English eAssembly (CJ421EN): PowerAI Enterprise makes deep learning and machine learning more accessible to your staff, and the benefits of AI more obtainable for your organization. It combines popular open source deep learning frameworks, efficient AI development tools and accelerated IBM Power Systems servers. Now your organization can deploy a fully optimized and supported AI platform that delivers blazing performance, proven dependability and resilience. IBM PowerAI Enterprise is a complete environment for data science as a service, enabling your organization to bring new applied AI applications in to production. Learn more.

IBM PowerAI Vision Training and Inference 1.1.1 English eAssembly (CJ3N8EN): IBM PowerAI Vision is a video and image analysis platform that is built for IBM Power Systems servers. PowerAI Vision uses GPUs to optimize performance. PowerAI Vision includes tools and interfaces for anyone with limited skills in deep learning technologies. You can use PowerAI Vision to easily label images and videos that can be used to train and validate a model. Learn more.

IBM Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library for Linux on POWER V6.1, Red Hat 7 le English (CNV38EN): IBM Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (ESSL) is a math subroutine library. ESSL is a state-of-the-art collection of subroutines providing a wide range of mathematical functions for scientific and engineering applications. Its primary characteristics are performance, functional capability, and usability. ESSL is tuned for performance on the IBM POWER8 processors running the Red Hat Linux operating system. Learn more.

IBM Parallel ESSL for Linux on POWER V5.4, Red Hat 7 le English (CNV39EN): Parallel ESSL can be used when you need outstanding performance through simple subroutine calls from floating-point engineering and scientific MPI applications. For communication, Parallel ESSL includes Basic Linear Algebra Communications Subprograms (BLACS), which use the Message Passing Interface (MPI). For computations, Parallel ESSL uses ESSL for Linux subroutines and provides the Parallel ESSL OpenMPI libraries for use with the IBM Spectrum MPI OpenMPI library. You can run single or multithreaded user space applications on all types of nodes. However, you cannot simultaneously call Parallel ESSL from multiple threads. Learn more.

IBM Parallel Performance Toolkit for POWER V2.4 Red Hat 7 le English (CNV3AEN): IBM Parallel Performance Toolkit for POWER provides development tools for high performance computing applications running IBM POWER8 servers. The Eclipse-based IDE improves developer productivity throughout the edit, compile, debug, and run cycle of application development. The HPC Toolkit provides an integrated set of tools that help the application developer analyze and tune the performance of an application. Learn more.