Efficient Supply chain

Meeting your needs through an efficient supply chain

Hospitals and health systems can respond quickly to overall strategic direction while meeting new demands for process performance, increased productivity and enhanced value with supply chain services. Our solution helps create a lasting advantage at every stage of the supply chain — from product selection and sourcing to logistics and distribution.

Critical areas in supply chain implementation

Your process

Identifying waste and opportunity in how you move and manage supplies.

Your technology

Using tools to provide greater transparency through one shared view.

Your people

Employee support and engagement is essential to continuous improvement.

Caldwell Memorial Hospital

Using Lean transformation to streamline the supply chain

Leaders at Caldwell Memorial Hospital wanted to make sure that clinicians had easy access to the right item, in the right place, at the right time—at the lowest possible cost. And they knew from experience that Lean transformation would be the most effective way to get it done. The problem was, they didn’t know where to start.


Identified annual savings of $3.6M

Reduced product costs by $2.8M

Identified distribution cost savings of $421K

Realized a $366K savings in labor costs

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