Experience Lean

Experience Lean first hand

Our study trips offer the most effective way to witness a successful Lean environment in real time.

Watch and engage with organizations that have successfully implemented a Lean management system and made a commitment to continuous improvement. Attendees will spend three to five days visiting the campuses of best-in-class hospitals and manufacturing organizations to examine how they use Lean principles to achieve operational excellence.


What is Lean?

Watson Health Consulting Services coaches and senior-level leaders deconstruct an organization's journey to define Lean for participants. See implementation first hand—site visits, workshops and peer networking. You’ll learn the challenges encountered, and how they were overcome.

Tools and systems of operational excellence

See them in action—visual management, standardized work and continuous flow. Designed to take the experience home for implementation, you can develop an action plan for your organization’s long-term improvement strategy.

Learning atmosphere

Experience Lean in both a manufacturing and healthcare setting. Designed to be low-stress and classes that usually cap at 25 participants, Study Trips are designed for all levels of Lean leaders within your organization. Host sites and curricula can be customized to fit your specific needs and goals. Please contact us for details.

Helping to engrain Lean

Without the right mentality and mindset, we would not be able to properly use our Lean teachings and tools to achieve our business goals. These study trips help engrain Lean practices so they become fluid and second nature in our everyday life and work… While sending teams on these week-long trips each year is a significant investment, the return benefits make it well worth it.

Sonja McLendon, Chief of Operational Excellence, and Carol Burrell, Chief Executive Officer, Northeast Georgia Health System

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