Healthcare Revenue cycle management

Drive sustainable change across the revenue cycle

Driven by regulatory reform and emerging reimbursement models, revenue cycle management (RCM) is facing an unavoidable shift. And in a complex healthcare economy, continuous process improvement in the flow of money from payers to providers is one of the first priorities. Watson Health Consulting Services have been helping far-reaching and lasting improvements come to fruition for revenue cycle processes in hospitals, clinics and physician practices.

revenue cycle management

Breakthrough level end-to-end redesign

Our redesign approach makes a focused deep dive into three vertical areas of RCM: patient access, patient encounter and patient billing. The breakthrough changes are created within each area. This continuous flow avoids the traditional hand off errors. Results show both financial and cultural (people) transformation.

What makes us different?

Our engagement model is a total system approach to improvement. We teach the existing RCM staff to be immersed in creating and owning the improvement solutions.

What outcomes have clients experienced?

  • Human Development – workforce creates redesigned flows with Lean lens principles
  • Quality – defects are cut in half, year over year
  • Delivery – patients receive timely access
  • A 4 to 6% of net revenue bottom-line impact to operating expense
  • A 12 to 20 times return on investment

Mountain States Healthcare Alliance

True organizational change that respects an institution and its people

Hear how collaboration, improved communication, and eliminating silos empowered MSHA's Revenue Cycle department.

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