Design your facility for optimal functionality

Design your facility for optimal functionality

Is your facility keeping up with the changes in both the business and practice of healthcare? Outdated or inefficient design can hinder sustainable healthcare optimization. If you’re just now building or redesigning an existing location, Integrated Facility Design (IFD) offers Lean guidance that helps streamline your project’s conception, execution and operational flow.  Our practice can also be engaged for the reutilization of existing estate to deliver its maximum potential.

Achieve breakthrough design

Through the application of proven Lean management principles, our approach helps optimize user experience. Results include improved ability to meet patient demand, smaller footprint, fewer building resources, faster construction and reduced total project cost.

More than just a new building

Through IFD, you can predict the efficiency of your layout by linking the facility design to your profit-and-loss statement. Now is the time to consider improving unit configuration to help reduce patient transport and walking time. Reduce costly square footage by determining the optimum number of rooms, beds, outpatient facilities and communal areas.

Experience matters

Don’t put a multimillion-dollar project at risk. Get the information and guidance you need from the start. Backed by 30 years of experience in healthcare big data and advanced analytics, and nearly 20 years of guiding Lean transformations in healthcare, we are on the forefront of change, continuously altering the conversations of best strategies for enterprise-wide improvement.

Impact that extends beyond four walls

Our approach to getting you the information you need involves working with patients, clinicians, design teams, management, staff and partners, and has made a lasting impact on our clients.

Winship Cancer Institute at Emory

Emory Hospital’s Winship Cancer Institute provides comfort designed for cancer patients

Watson Health Consulting Services client, Emory Hospital is building a new cancer clinic, and it is coming together, piece by piece, in cardboard.

Winship Cancer Institute wants to get design right for cancer patients

Learn more about the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Hospital.  Read the press release.

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