Overall quality starts with employees

Overall quality starts with employees

Leaders at healthcare systems and  hospitals today are often faced with organizational culture and human development challenges that can affect quality of care, operational efficiency and overall stability.

Enhance employee engagement

We engage, listen and coach employees helping you develop and build teams.  Workplace support includes coaching, rapid improvement workshops, study tours and digital learning episodes.

Retain leaders vital to future succession

Leading with a vision is key to your organization’s success. By retaining and developing leaders and through succession planning, employees appreciate their situational roles, accept responsibility, and respond with skill and sensitivity to the benefit or your organization.

Lead and support major change programs

You can drive transformation by focusing on individuals, driving alignment collaboration, managing change and resistance, enabling risk and innovation, and solving problems.

Impact key performance metrics

Connecting investment in leadership with the predicted impact on key metrics focuses attention on meaningful and measurable outcomes.

The Watson Health Consulting Services Model of Transformational Leadership

The journey to Transformational Leadership

Our model is adaptable to the context, mission and values of your organization, and our development approach is flexible and can meet the needs of different leaders, their roles and responsibilities.  Watson Health Consulting Service’s approach focuses 20 percent on study and learning, and 80 percent on practical application and coaching. Our program design is rooted in the organization’s needs and connects expected improvements in leadership with the impact on key metrics.

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