Data Center Advisor with Watson (DCAW) is an advanced analytics platform that uses AI and ML to optimize data center operations. DCAW includes deep learning models to predict blackout and brownout conditions, equipment failure and degraded performance. These models help it to detect anomalies in equipment health and performance, and provide operational insights on condition-based equipment maintenance.

What are the benefits of getting Data Center Advisor with Watson?

Operational insights and analytics

Descriptive analytics on operational data helps provide you with actionable insights for improved performance and efficiency.

Predict outages and degradation

Predictive analytics targeting equipment failure and degraded performance provides greater oversight on potential issues, giving you a chance to stop disruption before it occurs.

Detect anomalies in equipment

Better understanding of issues in equipment performance and infrastructure operations to proactively take measures.


Increases reliability

  • Helps predict failure and performance degradation of facilities and IT hardware through AI models
  • Boosts data center reliability
  • Increases turn-around-time from outages by using Root Cause Analysis through anomaly detection

Enhances efficiency

  • Cognitive assistance helps you with making smarter decisions for your business
  • Energy optimization AI models help increase resource management

Optimizes cost

  • Predictive maintenance models help optimize equipment maintenance cost for IT and facilities
  • Predictive analytics helps avoid outages and helps reduce the cost of downtime


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Data center services

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