Identify who is in your circle of digital trust

Balancing customer experience and security

IBM® Trusteer helps organizations seamlessly establish identity trust across the omnichannel customer journey. Through cloud-based intelligence, backed by AI and patented machine learning, Trusteer provides a holistic approach to identifying new and existing customers, without negatively impacting user experience. Over 500 leading organizations rely on Trusteer to help enable and secure their customers’ digital journey and support business growth. In doing so, Trusteer runs over 40 billion application accesses monthly and over 1 billion monthly user sessions.

Why IBM Trusteer

Understand digital interactions

Continuous digital identity assurance

Transparently identify unauthorized access and activities

Combine cognitive and analytics

Scalable and agile cloud platform

Establish cross-organizational, actionable insights via real-time assessments

Reduce costs the intelligent way

Advanced AI and machine learning layered with intelligence services

Assess risk, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiencies and security

Trusteer products

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint™ Detect

Outsmart malicious users with behavioral biometrics, AI and machine learning to build digital identity trust.

IBM Trusteer New Account Fraud

Help power digital transformations by seamlessly assessing the risk of new digital identities.

IBM Trusteer Mobile

Enhance your mobile growth with real-time device risk assessment.

IBM Trusteer Rapport®

Detect and remediate malware and identify phishing attacks within a matter of minutes.

IBM Trusteer Mobile Browser

Risk-based analysis of web access and transactions from mobile devices.

Learn more about Trusteer

Digital identity estimator tool

Use our estimator to learn how IBM Trusteer can help you reduce your total fraud losses, improve operational efficiencies, and increase brand loyalty.

Welcome customers in, keep fraudsters out

Discover digital identities with IBM Trusteer to transparently identify genuine users and detect criminal activity.

Case study: Santander Bank

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps Santander Bank protect digital channels against account takeover and fraudulent transactions.

The Total Economic Impact of IBM Trusteer Solutions

Forrester Consulting analyzes the benefits and cost savings.