Data – the world’s most essential ingredient

IBM Food Trust™ is a collaborative network of growers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and others, enhancing visibility and accountability across the food supply chain. Built on IBM Blockchain, this solution connects participants through a permissioned, immutable and shared record of food provenance, transaction data, processing details and more.


Increased supply chain efficiency

Run a more efficient food network by helping to eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Greater brand trust

Enhance your reputation for safety and quality through transparency.

Compliance confidence

Ensure safety and regulatory compliance and avoid recalls.

Enhanced sustainability

Increase awareness of sustainability opportunities and practices in each step of the food chain.

Improved safety monitoring

Monitor food products in the supply chain to accurately judge remaining shelf life.

Fraud prevention

Make your supply chains less susceptible to fraud and errors with end-to-end traceability.

Reduced waste

Better track food wasted and food rescued while minimizing waste hot spots.

How it’s used

Farmer Connect

Increasing trust with a verifiable record of coffee’s journey to your cup.

Raw Seafoods

Using Food Trust to trace their catch from harvest to consumer.


Albertsons joined the Food Trust network and is piloting the blockchain technology.

Sustainable shrimp

Striving for premium shrimp that meets the highest social and environmental standards.

Boosting food safety with blockchain

Indoor produce grower BrightFarms aims to simplify and decentralize the produce supply chain.

Other market segments

Learn how various industries are creating a smarter, safer, more sustainable food system for us all.

Add-on services