QRadar SOAR key feature details

Collaborate with consistency with case management

Ensuring that the right person gets the right information at the right time is crucial to incident response. IBM Security™ QRadar® SOAR empowers your security team with robust case management capabilities that enable in-platform notifications and information sharing. It can also extend communications beyond the SOC to involve key players in functions like IT, Legal, Communications and Human Resources by integrating with popular collaboration tools.

Playbook Designer to create, edit and customize playbooks

Users can create detailed tasks and workflow elements from a single location and quickly process and transform threat/enrichment data without code to accelerate response times. It allows for faster decision making with predefined configurable blocks that present data to a case and built in getting started experiences and in context help.

Install and deploy integrations quickly with AppHost

With an extensive orchestration and automation ecosystem formed by more than 160 IBM validated, third-party supported and community applications published via the IBM® App Exchange, IBM Security QRadar SOAR enables numerous integrations with other security tools. AppHost, IBM Security QRadar SOAR's new integration server, makes the installation and configuration of applications quick and simple with a step-by-step installation process that allows for editable settings and configurations.

Visualize and understand relationships across incidents

Leverage the artifact visualization graph to better see and understand the relationship between incidents and the details associated with each incident, which may help uncover a broader campaign or an advanced persistent threat (APT). Information about related closed or open incidents is also displayed in hover and timeline view in IBM Security QRadar SOAR.

Respond with agility and intelligence with dynamic playbooks

IBM Security QRadar SOAR's playbooks are dynamic and additive, which means that they adapt and change with an incident as the known facts evolve during an incident investigation. This dynamism is critical to your security operations center (SOC) analysts because it amplifies your team's ability to respond to incidents by providing them with a recommended course of action and giving them the agility to pivot as required by changing events.

Inform strategic business decisions by tracking key metrics

Track metrics and KPIs for incidents and users, including mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR), through IBM Security QRadar SOAR's comprehensive dashboards and reporting capabilities. Based on your results and analysis, you may choose to run simulations to train new employees, test new workflows and incident response plans, or practice different cyber-threat scenarios.

Make complex processes simple with visual workflows

Workflows codify your organization's incident response processes and allow you to leverage automation to eliminate repetitive tasks, orchestration to integrate with other security tools, and human intelligence to make decisions. The visual workflow editor enables your team to design and build complex workflows with a business process management notation (BPMN) engine that requires no special programming or coding skills. Playbooks consist of a single or multiple discrete workflows.

Integrate privacy use cases with the QRadar SOAR platform

Keep up with the ever-increasing challenges to address complex privacy breach reporting requirements and meet compliance standards with IBM Security QRadar SOAR with Privacy. The Global Privacy Regulations Knowledgebase, at the heart of the solution, tracks over 170 global regulations, including GDPR, PIPEDA, HIPAA, CCPA, and all 50 stated breach notification rules, and provides your team with guidance through the breach notification process.

Product specifications

Technical specifications

IBM Security QRadar SOAR requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 to 7.7 or better.

Software requirements

IBM Security QRadar SOAR web access requires the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari to log in.

Hardware requirements

IBM Security QRadar SOAR requires a server with 4 CPU cores, 16 GB of memory, and a minimum of 100 GB of disk space.

IBM Security QRadar SOAR on Cloud

How customers use it

Alert triage

Screenshot of two circle graphs and one bar graph

Alert triage

Security analysts manage numerous alerts daily, which can lead to analyst burnout and make it hard to separate the signal from the noise to triage alerts effectively.


A SOAR platform can help reduce alert fatigue and improve security operations. IBM Security QRadar SOAR allows you to escalate alerts directly from your SIEM and to automate responses to low-level alerts, therefore optimizing alert handling.

Incident enrichment

Screenshot of visual workflow

Incident enrichment

Collecting information to add context to an alert and determine its severity can be time-consuming since it requires analysts to search across other tools.

Through its powerful orchestration capabilities, IBM Security QRadar SOAR integrates with numerous security tools. This enables automatic incident enrichment, which reduces investigation time and allows analysts to focus on analysis and response.

Automated phishing response

Screenshot of playbook

Automated phishing response

Phishing attacks, which can do significant harm to an organization, are on the rise. For this reason, security teams are seeing a higher volume of alerts related to possible phishing attacks.

IBM Security QRadar SOAR allows your security team to build and implement phishing playbooks, guided incident response plans that align with your organization's standard operation procedures, to resolve phishing incidents efficiently and effectively.

Vulnerability management

Integrating IBM Security Resilient with Red Hat Ansible Automation

Integrating IBM Security Resilient with Red Hat Ansible Automation (03:08)

Vulnerability management

Vulnerabilities present different risk levels depending on how easy it is to exploit them; hence security teams need to work closely with IT to identify and patch critical vulnerabilities fast.

Bridge the gap and improve collaboration between security and IT teams with IBM Security QRadar SOAR, which integrates with Red Hat Ansible to automate and accelerate remediation, as well as ticketing systems to track and manage tasks across teams.

Meet compliance requirements

IBM Security SOAR Breach Response

IBM Security SOAR Breach Response (08:06)

Meet compliance requirements

Keeping up with evolving data breach reporting requirements and regulations is challenging, as well as generating quick, comprehensive reports for authorities during audits.

IBM Security QRadar SOAR is the only SOAR platform that integrates privacy use cases. With a global library of over 170 regulations, it guides your team through the breach notification process and generates detailed, audit-ready reports.

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