Instana versus New Relic
IBM Instana has simple, transparent pricing with no surprise fees. See how much you can save by moving to Instana today.
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6 reasons to migrate from New Relic to IBM Instana Understands your most complex cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications

Instana is the enterprise observability platform built to deal with cloud-native applications with its automated full stack approach.

Captures and stores every trace for every user–at no additional charge

IBM Instana user tracing capture and storage are included for no additional charge to keep costs predictable so you don't have to choose which traces to keep and which ones to throw away.

Automates the entire application monitoring process

IBM Instana automates every aspect of the performance monitoring cycle including application discovery, monitoring, configuration, dashboards, alerts and troubleshooting.

Helps predict issues and service incidents before they occur

With Smart Alerts, Instana has broken the time barrier, actually predicting when problems will occur.

Provides real-time observability data with context

With our Dynamic Graph, Instana understands how every component, metric, trace and profile is related to infrastructure, cloud, services, applications, and to each other.

Pricing has no surprise costs and is simple, transparent, and all-inclusive

With IBM Instana, pricing is open, simple, and based on the number of hosts you run. The size of those hosts and amount of data you gather has no impact.

You’ve relied on New Relic application monitoring but managing cloud-native applications requires a different approach
See how much you can save moving to IBM Instana
Instana has really made life easier. After trying super costly APM like AppDynamics and buggy New Relic, IBM Instana makes things easier. G2 reviewer Read the review
Resources Buying APM was a good decision (so is getting rid of it)

You made a great decision choosing an APM solution like New Relic to monitor your legacy application environments, but the reasons that made you initially go with New Relic are the exact same reasons why you need to move onto Instana for your modern applications.

6 reasons to migrate from New Relic to IBM Instana

Now is the time to make the switch. This ebook explains 6 reasons why IBM Instana should be your future observability solution.

In observability, “automation” is spelled I-N-S-T-A-N-A

IBM Instana automates every aspect of the performance monitoring lifecycle. It automates installation, configuration, application discovery, dashboards, profiling, alerts, troubleshooting, and change detection.

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