Reduce weather-related disruption to your business

Minimizing weather disruptions requires more than just weather data. Advanced analytics and intelligent workflows can help you reimagine processes and better predict how and when weather will make an impact.

With the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, companies can harness an extensive set of weather APIs, including current conditions and historical data, on demand from any point on earth. Generate more impactful insights so you can plan for and respond to changing weather conditions.


Highly accurate forecasts

Proprietary technology called “human over the loop” forecasting combines weather content, AI and human forecaster interaction.

Streamlined user experience

Enable greater application accessibility across users with mobile capabilities and access to a variety of data and GPS.

Scalable SaaS solution

Support users across your organization with scalable key functionalities based on specific consumption requirements.


IBM is the world's most accurate forecaster overall

Learn how IBM has invested in AI technology and advanced forecasting to help enable more accurate weather forecasts.

Environmental intelligence is business intelligence

Learn how to be proactive, avoid business disruptions and stay resilient, no matter the weather.

Just add weather

Learn how weather insights can grow your bottom line.