IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base combines:

  • IBM Engineering Workflow Management
  • IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next
  • IBM Engineering Test Management

It delivers requirements management, quality management, change and configuration management and project planning and tracking. These integrated capabilities foster greater communication, collaboration and visibility to accelerate delivery, improve quality and support better development decisions.

What can you do with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management?

Create and manage requirements

Deliver consistent requirements by using insights and guidance from product conception to production — ultimately achieving enterprise scale.

Strengthen decision-making

Make better decisions by using model-based systems engineering to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of design across systems and throughout the product lifecycle.

Accelerate delivery

Get real-time planning, which helps you manage across requirements, application development, design and test efforts, and integrates with execution.

Improve quality

Get integrated testing and lifecycle traceability that provide visibility across artifacts for a complete view of development, from requirements to release.

Foster continuous collaboration

Deliver value across teams, roles and disciplines with agile and collaboration tools that support multiple technologies, platforms and processes.

Enable compliance

Integrate compliance and regulatory requirements into the development process to better enable auditability, traceability and reporting.

Explore the ELM interactive tour

See how a comprehensive engineering lifecycle management solution can help your enterprise be more compliant and transparent.

Key features

  • Collaborative development
  • Lifecycle traceability
  • In-context collaboration
  • Advanced development intelligence
  • Continuous improvement through best practices


Which option is right for you?

Professional Software as a Service

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base on a single tenant cloud HTTPS secure site. Subscription and Support included.

Enterprise Software as a Service

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base on a single tenant Virtual Private Cloud with IPSec VPN Tunnel. Subscription and Support included.

Perpetual License

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base on-premises installation of a single authorized user and install license. Includes 1 year of Subscription & Support.