Beyond your average CDMS

IBM Clinical Development is a unified clinical data management system (CDMS) platform with EDC as its core, serving a broad range of user types and offering full- and self-service opportunities. The core EDC is built to empower you to design, validate and launch studies – and apply amendments – without database migration.

Built into the EDC is a complete suite of customizable modules that can be tailored to the unique needs of your clinical trial.


Key features of IBM Clinical Development

The power behind accelerating your clinical trials

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA)

Replace standard reporting methods and allow users to input information from their own devices.

Data Integration

Integrate with 3rd party solutions by building and automating data connectors with minor coding.

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover hidden data insights with pre-built and custom reports to make better decisions.

Medical coding with Watson AI

Designed to accelerate validation of medical coding using AI programming.

Randomization and Trial Supply Management

Better manage randomization and trial supplies with minimal coding using one interface.

Endpoint Adjudication

Compile a dossier from all endpoint details and source documents with one button push.

Next steps

Explore feature options based on your budget and timeframe