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Integrate your application with IBM technology to build an offering that solves for a wider range of customer needs. Then rapidly scale and monetize with a unique pricing proposition and extensive go-to-market support.

Three steps to build and grow with IBM

Get a cloud account

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Access partner resources

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Sell your solution

Use IBM’s Embedded Solutions Agreement (ESA) to get flexible pricing and go to market support.

What’s the market opportunity for cloud solution providers? Forrester principal analyst Jay McBain explains the industry outlook.

See how cloud partners have grown business with IBM technology and resources

Your coffee traced from when beans are picked

Connecting coffee growers and consumers via blockchain, IBM and Farmer Connect provide a verifiable record of coffee’s journey from plantation to your cup.


Leveraging an ESA (PDF, 303 KB) OLAPLINE launched a planning and analytics solution that lets users generate customized ad-hoc reports, dashboards and planning scenarios.

Integrating global business for optimised decision-making

With a focus on major worldwide infrastructure and architecture projects, Performance iN Lighting moved mission-critical solutions to IBM Cloud to capitalise on global growth opportunities.

Speed development and differentiate your solution by integrating IBM technology

IBM Public Cloud

Bring together market-leading security, the next generation hybrid multicloud platform and advanced AI capabilities for more innovation.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Increase operational efficiency with smart data analysis and built-in support for compliance management on premises and in the cloud.

IBM Storage for Hybrid Multicloud

Reduce complexity with container-enabled enterprise storage deployed across on premises and hybrid cloud storage environments.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Make it easier than ever to visualize data and share actionable insights with AI-infused self-service capabilities that accelerate data analysis.

IBM QRadar

Detect known and unknown threats, apply AI to accelerate investigation processes and continuously improve detection.

Watson Discovery

Surface answers and rich insights from enterprise data with an award-winning enterprise search and AI search technology.

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