IBM WebSphere Commerce Key Features

Modern architecture

Innovate faster and reduce the total cost of ownership for your commerce platform with an architecture that employs a micro-service approach, Docker containers for continuous delivery and open source technology to give you the freedom to quickly customize the brand experience.

Externalized customization

Customize the brand experience as much as you like while maintaining a seamless upgrade path - no need to rewrite your customizations or preform time consuming regression testing.

Starter store

Accelerate time to market with a fully functioning starter store that enables you to quickly build your own online stores with the latest features and best practices for direct-to-consumer customer engagement. With an extensive set of site-level, category-level and product-level features, you can customize the look and feel of your stores and give shoppers the personalized experience they expect.

Advanced site search and navigation

Make it easy for shoppers to explore your site and find exactly what they’re looking for with automatic search term suggestions and spelling correction. You can even influence store search results with search term associations and search-based merchandising rules.

Web content management

Deliver the right content at precisely the right moment in the buyer journey and manage the customer experience, all without the need for IT. Content management has never been easier with Watson helping you tag, find and more effectively use content throughout the customer experience.

Marketing and promotions

Create, manage and deploy personalized marketing campaigns on your store pages, through SMS and email, or through extended brand touchpoints. With promotional messages that include price discounts, you can incent customers in ways that help you grow sales and build loyalty.

Mobile optimized experiences

Deliver mobile optimized experiences and take advantage of location-based services to target mobile customers with personalized content and offers. With responsive design IBM Digital Commerce recognizes the shoppers' device type and dynamically adapts the customer experience for that device.

Customer service

Extend the digital experience to the customer service channel with CSR capabilities built into the platform. Now your digital and customer service experiences can be seamless by giving CSR’s have the ability to perform key tasks on behalf of a guest or registered customer, and resolve common issues and capture orders.

IBM and third party integrations

Extend your commerce platform with IBM and 3rd party services to create seamless end-to-end customer experiences. A full set of REST API’s gives you the flexibility to add innovative commerce services and capabilities that differentiate your brand, including headless configurations for new modes of customer engagement, like voice shopping and conversational commerce.

WebSphere Commerce Datasheet

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Customer case study

  • Delivering personalized shopping and bringing global business closure with WebSphere Commerce


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