Feature spotlights


Uses policy-based administration to manage large numbers of clients. Available with built-in dashboard with common metrics on the web UI and various built-in queries. Provides an ability to publish monitoring data matters to your business. Up and running in minutes based on user friendly and task oriented UI.


Uses lightweight standard MQTT, which is designed to connect to sensors. Provides highly optimized publish/subscribe engine with built-in support for message redelivery or reconnection, "Last-will-and-testament" message to notify when connection lost, and retained messages for keeping last value of published data.


Uses advanced security protocols (SSL/TLS, OAuth, and LDAP). Fine-grained messaging authorization policies which restrict access based on multiple combinations such as user or group, network interface, or Client IP address or range.


Includes assured delivery, persistent messaging, high throughput, and high availability. Capable of handling high number of concurrent connections with one instance, and clustering instances together to scale to multi-million connections.