Technical specifications

IBM Spectrum Virtualize as part of SVC or Storwize family systems

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software only

Optional functions

  • Purchased separately
  • All-inclusive

Licensing approach

  • Tiered cost per TB (SVC) or per enclosure (Storwize family)
  • Perpetual and monthly licensing options
  • Simple, flat cost per capacity
  • Perpetual and monthly licensing options


  • Installed on SVC or Storwize family platforms
  • Installed on third-party x86 platforms


  • Runs as an integrated system
  • Runs on supported x86 servers

License portability

  • Transportable among SVC engines
  • Tied to Storwize hardware
  • Transportable among different supported x86 servers

Reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS)

  • Integrated RAS capabilities
  • IBM Storage Insights
  • Flexible RAS: server hardware diagnostics; software RAS
  • IBM Storage Insights


  • IBM support for hardware and software
  • IBM support for software
  • Hardware serviced by hardware vendor

Third-party hardware supported

  • N/A
  • Lenovo System x3650 M5
  • Supermicro SuperServer

Supported storage systems

  • More than 440 IBM and non-IBM
  • More than 440 IBM and non-IBM

For the most current interoperability information, please visit IBM System Storage Interoperation Center at

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